Monday, April 27, 2009

Driving Home

After the race yesterday I went back to our buddies place in Santa Barbara and prepared myself for the lovely task of packing our entire car up full of 2 bikes, 3 boards, cooler, 4 kites and what seemed like 1000's of other items to include luggage - all IN the car. We had enough stuff for the 4-5 weeks we were going to be gone and after 2 hours of packing I still wasn't done. Eeek.

I left the rest of the packing for the morning, hit Trader Joes on the way out and started my journey back to Utah.

Chris had his consult today and they scheduled his surgery for tomorrow which meant I really needed to boogie home.

Turns out Chris did more than everyone thought he did after the Ankle Surgeon took more x-rays. Isn't that always the case though? We kind of expected the doctor to find more actually. So he has one good break in his fibula (NOT your shin bone) a piece of bone that popped off near the deltoid ligament (near ankle) and a deltoid ligament that was all wrapped and bundled up disattached from the bone (part of the reason Chris's ankle was just hanging there). Ooooooh yuck!!!

The outlook for Chris is 4 days after surgery to elevate, ice and move only if the house is on fire. Then 2 months of non weight bearing where he will be on crutches. Then at 3.5 months have another surgery to remove the screw that they will stick across the tib/fib bone tomorrow. Plates and screws for the fibula are necessary as well. The doctor is hoping that by getting all the bones back in place and essentially pulling traction on them that the deltoid ligament will snap back into its spot and that he won't have to suture that onto the bone. Ooooooh yuck!!

Chris is looking at 6 months until he is back on the water and/or snow as his strong self again. Wow, that is not a short amount of time but we will work through it.

I got home from Santa Barbara in 11 hours and 8 minutes total including stops. Things are always a race for me...googlemaps said it would take me 11hr 45 minutes with no stops so I had to beat that time of course!. And my time was even with 25 minutes stuck in Vegas construction on I-15 going 20 mph! Yeah, I wasn't going slow but I made it home safe.

Thought this semi that I saw today was pretty funny. After driving so long it kind of messed with my head when I saw it.

A sliver of a moon as I made my way across Utah.

Surgery tomorrow for Chris. Oh joy.

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