Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Riding Frisco/Breckenridge

Amanda has done plenty of riding and racing on the trails around here in CO so she was kind enough to lead Heather and I around these last few days.

She kindly showed us the Colorado Trail from Frisco that meandered along a stream for a while as we made our way up, up and away in a blanket of trees.

The trail ended in Breckenridge and so we took a quick bike tour of the very cute town. It reminded me of Park City Main Street except it was flatter, longer and wider. After that we hit the bike path for a bit and then headed up the Gold Mine Trail which was a very uphill trail that lead back to the Colorado Trail. It was a great 3 hour fun ride.

Today I just chilled on the bike path spinning out all the nastiness from yesterday's ride.

The name of the game here in Frisco though is get out and ride before the rain hits. I have turned into a different person riding at 9am and 10am! It is definitely nice to have the whole day ahead of you after you are done though!

A lot of the trees here were hit by the pine beetle and are nothing but carcasses now.

But despite that, beautiful views are really everywhere you look.

It is amazing how far the bike path here goes and just how many ski resorts are around Frisco too.

Main Street Frisco

There is "Breckenfridge" (as we are now calling it because the high has been around 55 for about a week now), A-Basin, Copper Mountain, Vail, Beaver Creek and Keystone to name a few all just around the corner from each other off of I-70. And you can pretty much ride to most of them on a bike path too!

Tonight the 3 Amigas headed out for Sushi.

Amiga #1: Amanda

Amiga # 2: Heather - never give this girl chop sticks

Amiga #3: Moi

Heather prepares for our races on Friday and Saturday. But hey, we looked it up after, there are 65g of carbs in that puppy!

We are all looking forward to heading to Colorado Springs tomorrow to pre-ride the course. We are also looking forward to getting some proper sleep there as well. This 9000 feet of elevation we are sleeping at is a bit much even for us Park City folk.

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