Friday, June 26, 2009

JUST in Time

I missed this storm by seriously.....2 seconds today.

I have been completely MIA I know. Life has been interesting these last few weeks with my dad deciding that he wanted to finally be part of the action and head to the hospital too for just under a week. He is out now and is actually talking more than he has all year to the staff at his nursing home. Well.....talking is relative but he is saying some words again here and there.

As for was a great month for all of us having her infection free and feeling better but unfortunately as of just a few days ago she has the infection back again (for the 7th time) which means no Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments for a few more months and also being quarantined in her assisted living facility. She is super depressed and rightly so. It is so incredibly hard to watch a parent suffer.

Chris on the other hand started physical therapy this week. That doesn't mean he is walking but it does mean he is putting 25% of his weight on his foot again. He will be on crutches yet another month to make it a grand total of 3 months. Icky. He is finding the differences between therapists absolutely amazing with some saying "Go for it!!" and others saying "You won't be doing anything until November." I say to him go for the first therapist to keep you sane!

As for me, I have been sleeping about 10 hours a night along with napping daily. I think the stress of sick parents again combined with a rest week put me under and it taking it out of me some. It is hard but I will get through it all I promise.....I think I have to don't I? : )

I will get some stuff up from the last races in CO too. I have pictures and stories of all sorts I want to share but sleep and family had to come first in the meantime.

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