Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Weekend

Bobbay and I got out for a good mtb ride on Saturday in Park City. Seemed everyone was out and about enjoying this thing called Summer that finally arrived. 4600 feet of climbing, 3 hours or so, one missed corner (me - stupid u turns!), one jammed ring finger later (Bob - dang rocks!), and almost 2 head on collisions later (me - my brakes/rotors ROCK) we had had a great day and called it quits while we were ahead.

On Sunday I got to go experience a little bit of Heber Valley that I have never ridden before. I decided to jump right out of my comfort zone (finally!) and hit some dirt roads on my mtb that are pretty off of the beaten path but start right in Heber Valley. Some of them get up to 8000 feet starting from out valley floor which is at 5600 feet. It was pretty fun exploring new territory and I have so much left still to explore! I am excited now to check it all out while I am still home for a little bit until nationals.

Looking down over the Cascade Springs road into Heber

Deer Creek Reservior

Looking down on Heber Valley

Pretty fun day exploring I must say.

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