Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

Six loud cannonball shots woke us up today! After getting woken up at the crack of 6 am to the Memorial Hill Cannon Ball Wake Up that they do every year in Midway, Chris and I went to Jennie L.'s on Park Ave to watch the Park City Parade that comes down right in front of her house. She also makes one heck of a brunch for everyone. When she said she was making breakfast, she was not messing around. Full buffet with all the frills. I couldn't believe it.

The parade:

Check out this Diva's motorcycle. Each of those dots you see on her bike light up. So cool!

An old yummy beer sponsor of mine

Just a cool tandem

And a cool bike with a real parrot. I know I would wreck that thing for sure!!!

Deer Valley's float consisted of everyone wearing old old old ski attire. A bit different from what we see out there every day on the slopes!

Whoa, that guy is tall!!

Where is the rest of the car? Check out the clearance on that thing.

Downhiller Nick Van Dine has been seen racing XC since his accident and now he's thinking of doing cyclocross too.
Yeah right. Kidding. He broke his face earlier this season SNOWBOARDING but is doing well now as he re-enters the racing scene. Between myself, Chris and him we could have gone on forever about our injuries, pains and whoas.

Speaking of which, we had loud cheers for these gals when they came by. Chris waved his crutches at them but I think he should have done the crutch dance too.

Always love when the bikes come by!

And, my favorite.

Do you know that when I went and did the Scotland MTB World Cup a few years ago in the Scottish Highlands that we didn't see ONE bag piper? What's up with that?

Afterwards we were able to get together with Lisa and Mike up from San Diego for a good ole fashion 4th of July BBQ at the Sherwins. Their presence couldn't have come at a better time with all that is going on with our family right now.

The next day I got out with Bobbay and Erika for a great ride up into the thin air of Deer Valley. Ran into some of the mountain bike patrollers I used to work with on patrol there which was cool. After somewhere around 4500-5000 feet of climbing were were smiley and happy. 27 miles of singletrack and we didn't even touch the surface!

Erika and Bob posing for pix

I can't wait until Chris can ride with us again. I miss having him around on our rides dang it! But it is going to be a while I think considering he is still on crutches and is only at 75% weight bearing this coming week. I will have to put him on the plan to get him back in action the second he can start even hammering a little!

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