Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stress Effects

Have you ever had that day where your heart rate isn't budging, you feel like total junk, you have a massive head wind, your legs feel like tree trunks, and every single last bump in the road feels like the grand canyon? Oh and not to mention also feeling like you are towing bricks behind you?

That was me today. Oh my goodness, such pain and pure agony.

I forced every bit of today's workout in. I even promised myself a minute into it that I was not going to do any more of it and I would just go home. Well.......2.5 hours later I finally did go home. Such stubbornness but at the same time I had a lot to get out of my system even if I did feel like junk. Just makes racing and other hard days seem easier after a day like today.

On the way home I thought the angle on this was funny.

Plus, it's a copper moose.