Thursday, July 9, 2009

Intermountain Cup #9-Snowbird Pre-Ride

I wasn't sure I was going to actually pre-ride the course for the race on Saturday but I decided it was good idea. Pure laziness of not wanting to drive an hour each way to do so was the main reason I was wavering. But I am glad I did it.

The new mtb course was super fun and hidden from any wind that I may have encountered on the road if I hadn't pre road the course today. Plus I am a sucker for muscle memory and body memory and I figured going and pre-riding at 8100 feet plus was good prep for MTB nationals next week since I will be doing this same thing next week (pre-riding/racing) at almost the exact same elevation.

On the flip side though, my other argument for NOT pre-riding today was that it is good to be prepared for anything at anytime (I think I am learning this from my chaotic life with sick parents right now) and to not be completely "in the know". Not pre-riding a course will build other skills that you never would have thought about! But since it really is all about NEXT weeks nats, I went and pre-rode and had a blast.

The course is great and is so different than in years past. It is really fun as you climb up the newly built singletrack and gain 900 feet of elevation each lap.

But the dh is the same which is just a sketchy fire road. That is a lot work to be putting in for a fire road descent that will fly by in the blink of an eye but hey, it's going to have to all about enjoying the uphill climb....a new skill that most of us need to acquire right!?

But that is quite the uphill climb.....hmmmm??

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