Sunday, November 29, 2009

Going to Miami

Today was one of those days where we were just hammered. Our plans were to head back to Port St. Lucie today but we just couldn't resist relaxing on the couch and checking out Miracle Mile which we were right on at our friends condo.

So, it ended up being another local touristy day in Miami where we only traveled down the elevator to the Starbucks across the street in the morning and then back down that same elevator for some sushi on the corner that night. Oh, and the only time I get eating alive on this trip by mosquito's???? At the sushi place on the patio in the middle of the city. Weird.

So not a big day but we needed A BREAK. We were whomped from our "vacation".

I thought these Pelicans at the beach were cool. They may have to be my new favorite bird. They are pretty sweet.

And the good ole Seagull.

So we will leave tomorrow for Port St. Lucie, FL pack our stuff up and head to the airport on Tuesday. This was a nice relaxing way to end a much needed trip.

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