Sunday, February 28, 2010

Energy R Us

Someone must have put A LOT of caffeine in my drink yesterday morning because I was on fire ALL DAY. Like a wind up doll that never wound down. First, I got all my errands done in a flash which is pretty much unheard of. Seriously, I had no slow pace yesterday for whatever reason.

And then there was the time on the bike. Holy Cow. By the time I got home from errands I was chomping at the bit to ride. It was beautiful out and I had a long day in the saddle ahead of me which I was psyched about. And the ride, because of this crazy energy that I had, turned out to one nutty ferocious TT. I was ON from minute one......hammering up every little knoll, grinding up grades of 8-12%, winding up the legs after stopping at a stop signs. I just couldn't knock it off or go slow. I have NEVER been like all day long, both on the bike and off the bike and it felt SO GOOD.

Even when I was supposed to be done with my long ride I still felt so good out there that I wanted to keep hammering. Seriously - usually I am ready to be done when its time to call it and this time I was wanting more bike time. So begrudgingly, I went back home and from THE MOMENT I swung my legs off the bike, I was a rubber chicken - could not hardly walk.

It is so weird how you can handle hard race efforts, want more and then the second you stop you realize you really cannot walk after what you just went and did to yourself. Makes you wonder how you just rode and still wanted to ride more when you can't even walk properly now!! Love days like that....except that most of the night I could be found crawling up the stairs. : ) But man, it was a good day! Let's have more of those!!

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Groover said...

The back stairs used to be my measure of a good or bad training ride. LOL

I'm very sorry to read about your parents and hope that 2010 will be a better year for you. Cherish the memory.

I found your blog through blogger. I'll be back.