Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Update

As we move forward with the purchase of the new house, things have seemingly returned to normal somewhat. Well, that was until one day last week when the underwriter asked us to pay off all our credit cards immediately, prove we did and then CLOSE THE ACCOUNTS and prove that too. This even included paying off and then closing a TINY balance on a clothing store card that I hadn't even gotten the bill for yet!! Gheesh. So that day was crazy with setting up online accounts, paying stuff off, faxing the info off and then shutting things down but that was just a bump in the road. No real biggie.

We are packing up some but don't want to get to ahead of the game in case something falls through. As far as we know, all our ducks are in a row though. We satisfied all their requirements and we should be finding out this week or next when we will close.

In the meantime Chris and I have has been been playing, training and hanging with buddies as much as possible. I love this time of the year when you can do that cuz you are HOME! And this year I have the mental energy to do it too which is nice! What a NEW year this is for me!

Chris Snow Kiting with his buddies.

And here we are with our buddies after several glasses of wine playing our new game, Urban Caving. What is Urban Caving you might ask? Well, just look around your house for the smallest thing and see who can and cannot get into it, on it, under it or thru it.

We started easy with a closet that has shelves that almost came out to the door leaving not a lot of room for a person to squeeze in. We then figured that wasn't enough of a challenge so we moved onto a suitcase.

Kristin fit in just fine! Eric thinks he found a new way to save on airfare.

And we even used a table in the living room. I am still convince that the others could have made it through that bottom shelf. I was actually hoping Chris would get stuck and we'd have to call the Fire Department. That would have been hilarious! But he called it quits before that happened. Dang it! : )

Training has been stellar here in Utah and I have been getting outside almost daily in this beautiful weather we are having. And when I say beautiful I don't mean sunny and warm. I mean dry roads and just bearable enough temperature wise so that you don't freeze your face off.

Trainer days this winter have been so limited that I almost miss them. Yes, you read that correctly. I will be the first to admit that I don't mind the trainer. Nope, not even for 3 hours. I know I know - I am nuts!!! But there is something about not having to deal with dogs, cold air, getting flat tires far from home, snow, cars, etc. that is just plain nice sometimes. A good mental relief from all of that I suppose.

That said, I did take one day to do some testing indoors with Max Testa. I hadn't seen him for an LT Test in a while because last year I just couldn't even fathom taking the time to do that when I had everything going on with my parents.

So I finally went in after a brief hiatus and thought that this could either be really good (happy that I am racing in 2010) or really bad (should have called it quits). I had no idea what the results from the test would be since its been so long since I have tested and my body composition has changed. But both he and I were pleasantly surprised with the results. It is always a plus when Max willingly gives you a thumbs up along with compliments too. But actions on my part speak louder than words...or uh...results. But all signs are pointing to a good season and good lord do I need one of those after last years wrecking ball of one.

The most important thing is that I am back at it and I am happy that I was given a chance to come back to the mtb scene! A big thanks to the Mafia Racing/Pabst/Felt MTB Team!!!!!

This last weekend I also endured some bad news which hit VERY close to home for me. One of my good friends had a parent pass. Seeing friends go through the same basic motions that I had to go through IS SO heart wrenching for me now. So heart wrenching in fact that I find myself super sad and very teary when I get news and updates from people about their ill loved ones. What is up with that? Maybe its that I have a bit of an understanding now of what it is like to be in the process of losing someone and seeing someone go through that literally just rips at my heart now. That is a life journey and experience that I will never ever forgot. And I don't want to forget it either. It gives you sympathy and understanding of what others are facing and that is not a bad thing at all. It is something positive that I gained from a horrendous personal experience.

I think too, maybe I am like this over others experiences partially do to the fact that my wounds from losing my parents are still fresh with dad having passed just 3 months ago and mom just 5 months ago. The wounds are healing but get cut open every once in a while with one thing or another (like getting another Life Insurance letter regarding my moms death in the mail yesterday). Geez maybe that has something to do with not being able to move on without tears??? This is such a process to get through but I am, I will and I will come out a better person (I hope) for it.

As for what's up next?? The first race of the season is just around the corner...... as in NEXT WEEK!!! I am a little behind since I was so sick but I have learned in the last year that you take what you are given and you make it into the best scenario that you can and you can be sure that I will do just that!


tiffp said...

"I mean dry roads and just bearable enough temperature wise so that you don't freeze your face off."

CLASSIC! Viva training in Utah! :)) let's go freeze our faces off together soon!

Danielle said...

Good luck racing next weekend!!!