Friday, February 12, 2010

New House - New Team

Holy moly have we been going a mile a minute since my last post. Wow, life in the fast lane I guess! But a good fast lane for once!!!

Our house was on the market for just about 2 days, we had 2 showings and we got 2 offers!! It all happened so fast. I guess all the effort we put into staging it was well worth it.

We have since accepted one of the offers and are now under contract for both this house and the one we want to move into in Timberlakes. Timberlakes isn't far from downtown Heber but it is just far enough for it to be a commitment to make the drive to town. But believe me, to live up in the mountains on 1.1 acres overlooking the valley is well worth it and Chris and I are ready for that step. The views are what sucked us in along with the house being exactly what we were looking for too.

The only thing is we have already had what we think was a raccoon chewing on the posts at the front door!! Oh yes, that will be just the start if this thing does happen because the moose, deer, fox and probably lots of other big creatures are ALL over the place up there.

So yeah, so far things are going in the right direction with the buying/selling process: someone seems to want our place, we have found the house that we want to be in forever, inspection of the place went awesome and we have locked in at 4.99%. Yipee! So far so good but it is not a fully done deal yet. I hope it all works out. Actually I don't hope that. I kind of feel like if it is truly meant to be, it will be and if not then it won't and we move on.

Not only have we been doing physical things around the house on a daily basis to either prepare it or prepare to move it, we have had our brains going a mile a minute with offers, counter offers, paper gathering, faxing, phone calls, etc. Yep lots going on and we love it except when the brain won't stop at night!! Its about when I am ready to tear my hair out that I decide getting on the bike will definitely do the trick. It settles my mind and gets it in order again. Thank heavens for that two wheeled invention.

This last training block has been super awesome. Amazing really. I have had to ride inside about once which is unheard of in my book in January/February. It has been a sweet perfect storm of enough snow to keep the ski resorts in Park City moving in a prosperous direction and nice warm temps (well...ok... 30 degrees plus) to melt the snow off the road to allow me to ride outside daily. It has been GREAT.

I have been getting a mix of snowy singletrack, snowy roads

and just the plain old roads in too.

On a few occasions, it has even warmed up enough on some of the snow packed roads to create a massive amount of slush that provides a serious tempo workout just to get through it all.

I really can't believe how "warm" its been this winter. The Jordanelle Reservoir isn't even frozen over yet! Usually it just a sheet of ice at this time.

Here are some pretty cool ice sculptures that are over in Midway. They sit right outside of a destination resort. They are HUGE and you can walk through them!

Well I will say that this "nice" weather couldn't have come at a better time in my life because the thought of having to head down south to train is a nice one, but I just don't have time right now. I am lucky to be putting in big hours outside here for the first time since I turned pro many moons ago. Staying home for the winter isn't half bad I must long as you can ride outside that is!!

As for my new mountain bike team for 2010 I am SO EXCITED to officially announce that I will be riding for Mafia Racing/Pabst/Felt MTB Team this season. I have been overwhelmed by their commitment to their team members, their organization and their motivation to grow and expand the team and mtb scene in a positive light. I cannot wait to meet all my new team members and be a part of what is going to be a great team this season.

If you haven't seen the story regarding my 2009/2010 season that showed up on a few weeks ago you can read it HERE. What a mess my life was last year. Everything seems easy now after that.

Alright, off to get a quick ride in outside, again!! I can't believe this!!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go on teh sponsor deal! You thinking you n=might race cross for them as well? or will you stay with VB? Oh wait probably too early to think about cross huh? Nice photo up top ;^) Best of luck wth teh house.