Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to Training

Now that I am not sick anymore, aside from training, I have been doing fun things like catching up with buddies, spoke at the Park City Rotary Club about cycling, signed my 2010 mtb sponsorship contract (TBA real soon!!!) and even saw the movie Avatar. First movie seen in a theater in a LONG time.

Chris and I are even looking for a new house. We are ready to move and our house will be going on the market this week. We are very excited for the next step in our lives. That said, there has been ALOT of cleaning, packing and preparing going on around this house in order to sell but it is fun to think of what lies ahead.

As for training, I picked a great time to get back into things! It has been so nice around here! Well.....34-41 degrees as a high is nice this time of year because it's just enough to melt the snow off the roads and allow for a ride outside.

On a couple of my longer rides this week I went to the natural hot pots in Midway to warm my feet up.

Just stand on the ground for a bit, take in the views for a few minutes and viola, the heat from the ground warms em' up and off you go to finish your ride all toasty as if you had just walked out of the house. I love this place!!

Did my fair share too of poking around to see what is ridable in the area. And lots is, from snow packed roads and trails to the regular road! Amazing!

Also have taken my fair share of falls on the ice. Fishtailing a ton too when slush finds itself in my way of getting from point A to point B. It becomes a good balance and core workout trying to keep the rubber down.....which I don't always do. Gonna make riding dirt a lot easier when the time comes!

And believe me, falling and fishtailing is nothing when I compare it to what I was going through last year at this exact time (dad into a nursing home and mom getting super sick). It is all perspective and life right good.

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Anonymous said...

Rip it up with your new team!
Nice to cheer for someone with the same last name!

wv: lactic - that tells you something right there.