Saturday, October 30, 2010

NACT #5 CO Cross Classic - Boulder, CO

Nothing like a quick flight just directly over the mountains to get to your next race! Getting to Boulder was a pleasure and staying with my team manager and family was even more so! What a great family who all opened their doors to me with open arms.

When I got there and into the car there was immediately talk about a fire that was just outside of Boulder up in the mountains. Schools were being evacuated and the wind was howling allowing the fire to take over as much as it could. The smell of smoke was in the air almost everywhere. Wow, this could be an interesting training ride today in Boulder. Hmmmm? Was I doing more harm than good if I couldn’t get away from the smoke? Yikes. Luckily I was given great directions by our Team Mechanic, Tom, to head out of town away from the fire and it worked out not smelling a bit of smoke.

You can see the fire is in the background of this picture

That night we went to the Wenger store on Pearl Street in Boulder. They are one of our wonderful sponsors this year and it was nice to meet the folks in charge and pick up some great goodies for my feet and wrist along with a bullet proof back pack! You can always count me in for a shopping spree.

The next morning on race day we had a great team breakfast. Lance and his wife Carol went crazy making tons and tons and tons of food for everyone. It was great to see everyone again too and even meet some more of the team that I had not met before. It was a good lead to a well….alright race I guess.

Not sure what got into my legs or what didn’t get in there. I wasn’t feel ing the love at all out there during the race. I was loving the course though! But I swear the race started and then I started 5 seconds later. One of those days. Therefore it was makeup time from the get go. I pushed my way through the sand pits and painfully dismounted to run over the barriers as I was not loving life in the legs. There was some fun mtn bikey stuff on course which was a blast for me and then when it wasn’t about your skills, it was time to hunker down and pass people the best I could. The course even took us to a sand section that ran along the reservoir. It was pretty darn fun and fairly ridable too. I stayed on the gas, not feeling the love but pushing through and finally got over the finish line. It wasn’t the worst I have ever felt in a race but with the way I have been feeling this season it certainly was not the best. I was BACK there at the start but ended up 7th.

Teammate Amanda Miller and I getting thru the sand together

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