Sunday, October 31, 2010

NACT #6 Boulder Cup - Boulder, CO

Very interesting....I have never raced most of a race on the side of a hill before. Weird but cool. Luckily weather conditions were dry otherwise it would have been a slip oh rama fest!

Nor had I ever been at a race where I could have sampled perfume and gotten a makeover before the event.

The race was at a mall!! Ok but seriously, shopping was the furthest thing from my mind. It was time to race....or crash, or roll a tubular. Your call. Ok, how about all 3 since we are being super greedy here? Why not?

So the race starts and this happens:

Click here to see video (I am coming into the VERY FIRST corner in 7th).

After being pinned down for what seemed like a year and after everyone got off of me I started my race all over again. I did a quick check of my bike while running to remount and decided it was good to go and to start trying to make headway through everyone from around the 20th position I was now in after the crash. Gotta love cross! There are always challenges and mine weren't over.

I did not give up in any way shape or form as I made passes as best I could and EVERYWHERE I could. This was not the time to be hesitant or scared of anything. And I wasn't, instead I was on a mission.

Toward the end of the race I had made my way up to the Top 5 and was really starting to feel the love and had gotten into a real groove on the bike. I was having so much fun and was keeping the pace beyond my limits in order to get through people. It was a good suffer day in that it felt good to suffer.

Here is the run up. Not sure why there is a ball on my helmet. Was that why I felt so sluggish right there? : )

But all my hard work came to a close when as I took an off camber corner (remember the race was on the side of hill) and my rear tubular rolled off the rim.

And of course it rolled off not too close from the pits so I was left to do this for a LONG time. Sure am getting those running workouts in though during my races so that is good......or not. Ugh. I rather by on my bike RACING thank you very much.

After getting a bike change it became all about how far I could get back through the field for the second time today.

I was not giving up easily at all and in the end made it up to 14th. Game over and I was bummed.

In fact I was so bummed and so determined and so EVERYTHING that I went back to Lance's that night and booked my flight to do the LA races that next weekend.

I had decided pretty easily that was NOT going to take my rest week and was going to instead hoof it out to LA with one bike and RACE without incident dang it!!!! I was bound and determined!

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