Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Tribute to Dad

It is hard to believe that one year ago today I lost my father unexpectedly after a continued battle from effects of a stroke he had 4 years prior. Dad was such a strong man to have made it FOUR YEARS without being about to tell his family that he loved them, without being able to tell us what he needed, wanted, was thinking about, etc. He was a prisoner in his own head for four years – bless his heart – but could still walk and get around just fine although a bit slower.

If that doesn’t say something about my father’s determination and strength I don’t know what would. He was an amazing man and the fact that he dealt with all of that for so long gives me even more amazing things to think and say about him.

When I think of my father I remember his crazy wit he always had. I remember him laughing along with others at the things that rolled of his tongue. Sometimes those things would just flat out floor you too and I really have to wonder if he wasn’t staggered himself at how fast he could come up with stuff. But his wit was certainly where he would display that never ending honesty and perhaps his silly side as well!

My dad had great character, was honest, determined, had integrity and never strayed far if at all from his beliefs. He was dedicated to his family, friends and clients in the investment business and had a keen eye for a fashion. Oh my, did he have any array of shoes and jackets and was always “Dressed to the Nines” as he would say!

I will always remember dad for his sense of humor, intellect and his vivacious personality. When I think of him I remember him enjoying a good read about World War II in his big chair, him chopping up trees and rose bushes to oblivion while calling it “pruning” (it was done well, just maybe went a tad far).

And of course the German thing….good lord the GERMAN thing. Anything made in Germany was love at first sight for him. He LOVED Nutcrackers, Hummel’s and any other collectible made in Germany of course. Heaven forbid you brought a fake Nutcracker home!!!

I also remember him studying charts, tables and graphs endlessly and reading the Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily like they were going out of style. He always kept on top of things in his investment business and was very successful at what he did. I sure hope he was proud of himself because I am not sure he ever knew that or felt that about himself.

Dad, thank you for being there for me for 37 years and for giving your all to our family. You taught me life lessons well. I was lucky to have you and mom for as long as I did. And with that I will say “Ahviterzen dad, until we meet again!”

With all my love,

Your Daughter

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