Tuesday, September 11, 2007

La La Land

Today SUCKED. I took the antibiotics and pain killers last night and this morning woke up white as a sheet, sick, headache, nauseous, light headed, not hungry, dizzy, and all the rest. It was TERRIBLE. So after 9.5 hours of relatively good sleep I went back to sleep for 3 more hours because I couldn't even stand up without wanting to throw up. Sweet.

I woke up kind of ok and decided NO MORE pain meds for me. I will just freakin' deal with whatever pain there may be cuz I am not going through all that again. As the hours past I was getting a bit better but really wasn't concerned about that because I was concerned about missing my second day of training now! I mean already missing a day? Come on!! Here I am NOT sick per say. Its the meds that made me sick and I wasn't about to put up with meds ruling my life for today so I got my tail moving and did my training. Even put the heart rate monitor right over the open (but covered) wound. Screw it. I can't miss a day already plus I was feeling better with every hour! Turned out to be a good choice too as things went well. Funny how the bike and just getting out can do that to you sometimes.

Right after that I went back into the doctor again and he said the area looked way better, pulled out the packing and repacked it and left it open again with bandages over it. It will be that way until Thursday when he will hopefully take out the packing again and let it heal totally.

I told Chris that now I am a true Chatty Kathy doll since I have a gauzy string coming out of my back! Sick but true!

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