Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Looney Tunes

Whew. The antibiotics are doing weird things to me for sure. "Poor Chris" is all I have to say because for him it must be like living with an Alzheimer's patient to some extent.....I have been leaving things open, leaving things on, not able to complete my thoughts let alone sentences, I can't concentrate on whats been said to me - "What?", I am leaving things half done, half ready, half complete and then walk back into the room and think I haven't even started the project. On that score I have been trying to put so many things in the fridge. What is it about the fridge that makes me want to put a book or my keys in there? I don't get that-why the fridge? Plus I am finding things around the house that I placed there these last few days and I think when the heck did I do that? "Chris!!!!???!" Poor guy is going bananas while I am already bananas. Only one more week of antibiotics.

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Anonymous said...

You so funny!