Friday, May 23, 2008

Fully Loaded

We are back home now after being gone over a month for racing. We weren't particularly excited about going from 90 degree heat in CA to a high of 46 here in Heber City, UT, but we made the decision to do so in order to start acclimating to the elevation for some upcoming races that I hope to be participating in once this cast is off.

When we first started packing to come home we weren't sure we could fit all the stuff that we acquired in our car. At one point our buddies, Kristin and Eric were talking about having us leave stuff there for the next time around. But somehow Chris was able to pack it all in including 5 full bikes and 2 extra wheelsets.

Side window of the car

Chris the master mind Tetris goo-roo took 3 whole hours to pack it all.

Looking back from the front seats

Once home Wed. night we had even more to conquer with the unpacking of the car then the opening of all the chair full of mail that had been acquired over the month.

Chris took on the daunting task of "mail opener".....maybe not so happily...

But someone had to do it! Plus secretly I think he enjoys the mail.
And now we are both (not so) enjoying the fabulous overcast, rainy, cold weather (aka our second winter in the middle of Spring). Sweet.


flahute said...

How many of those TJ bags are filled with food ... and how many are filled with beer and/or wine?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy,

Bummer about your hand, bot you'll heal and return to your ass kicking ways no problem.

Good to have you back among us Utards.


Thanks so much for the positive vibes. It is great to be back and see everyone again most definitely!