Friday, November 27, 2009

From Funk to Fun

Today started out super messed up. We got to Miami last night and I woke up exhausted and crying. I didn't want to move or go anywhere. I was tired, beat down and I had enough. But Chris was off to Kiteboard off of Islamarada (one of the Keys) and I either sat in the condo alone for the rest of the day or figure a way out of this mess. So I went with him not wanting to put a wrench in the plans.

Once I dropped him off to catch a boat that would take him off shore to Kiteboard I didn't know what to do or where to go. Plus all I could do was cry and cry! So I stayed in the car for a long time and just cried - probably something I just needed to get out.

That is when I remembered seeing a Starbucks on the first Key so I "bucked up" as my mom used to call it and drove myself there, got on the computer and figured out a plan of attack because what I was doing was dreadful and not fun!

I really had no idea where I was, I needed to train, I was pretty miserable considering I was in the Keys and I was flat out sad and missing my parents. Having one of those days I guess. Oddly enough, I talked to my brother on the opposite side of the country and he was having THE SAME kind of day. Weird....or maybe not so much.

Once I figured out where to park and train and once I finally got on the bike, all was better. The bike always helps!! By then Chris was done Kiteboarding as the wind died and he had met 5 of the people he went Kiteboarding with off the shore of the Keys for drinks.

So I met up with all them and that is when I truly got out of my funk.

We had the best time with these guys and gals - what a great group from FL! We did drinks, went to their house on a canal in the Keys and had fresh lobster they caught that day, then went across the street to a bar/restaurant for dinner.
Yep, I was out of the funk but a bit whooped from an emotional day. Well, at least my head isn't on fire.

But Chris DID almost manage to lose his wedding ring in the ocean (green) while at the bar/restaurant. He took it off to show and the next thing you know you could hear it bouncing from the table to the deck and there were slats in the deck that would have ker-plunked that thing right in the Atlantic.

He lucked out BIG and it landed safely on a wooden slat.

That night we decided to hang it up in the Keys at our new buddies house. It was SO NICE of them too offer that up to us cuz driving back to our place in Miami wasn't a good option.

How your day can turn around if you just give it a whirl (that I almost didn't give).

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